Temporary Studio Closure Due to Coronavirus/COVID-19

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April 3, 2020:

Expanding Our Offerings to Help You and the Community YogaInPlace: Be a Warrior! Be a Hero!

So much to be grateful for. I know, I know, everything seems so chaotic and frightening, but hear me out. I cannot help but feel the slowing down, the space in the day, and the clarity in the air. There is nothing about this situation that is “good”, but there is something about it that feels hopeful. I am one of so many business owners who had to close their doors, but still need to pay bills. That said, I have been a yoga teacher for a long time. I have been down many dark, long, and scary roads in my life and yoga has continued to help me come out on the other side and back into the light. This is no exception.

The O2 community is one of the strongest, most loving, fiercely loyal, bad-ass groups I have ever had the pleasure to be part of. All of us have our own demons and struggles, but we can get by and through with a little help from our friends near and far. Elliott and I are constantly looking for ways to stay connected and help everyone keep practicing. Talk about old dogs and new tricks! Well, I am speaking for myself at least. Check out our special newsletter video greeting here and read more below on what we are up to. Our new yoga videos have been an incredible success, with additional ones coming out this week and livestream classes on Zoom starting next week. Keep an eye out for an expanded schedule once we see your thoughts on that in the survey linked here.

Lastly, so many of you have reached out to tell us how important we are and also with a desire to help us through the next few months. Check out the special we are running with deep discounts that will pay forward to others who need more yoga in their life.

I can feel the power of our community growing stronger with every breath. That is what will get us through, one kind gesture, one kind word, one kind thought, with every breath. Let’s be part of what is making this world just a little more filled with love and light. May all beings be free from suffering and find peace, happiness, and joy. And may we have the courage, the wisdom, the strength, and the willingness to reduce suffering when we see it. Be the change y’all.

Peace and tons of love,


Read our full April 2020 newsletter here.


March 24, 2020:

Are you practicing O2 Yoga-in-place? We can help!

First and foremost, we miss you! I would guess you miss us too? We hope that you have found ways to see the beauty in this craziness. This is likely to last for quite some time and we all must practice patience, compassion, and resilience. I have heard that yoga is good for that! We really don’t have any updates at the moment regarding how long O2 Yoga will be shuttered, but we are planning on being closed through at least the first week of April.

In the meantime, Elliott and I would like to share with you what we have been working on: online classes! With the help of our incredibly talented student and videographer, Brad Braufman, we now have classes recorded and available for purchase on our new platform, Namastream.com, with more coming soon (we plan on at least 2 new videos. week, more audio classes, and fun content like posture tutorials). If you would like, take a look and maybe buy a class or two, set up an account and get going! Online memberships will be available soon. Of course, all current class cards and memberships are on hold until we can re-open our doors.

We hope that these online classes and our MP3 classes provide you with some assistance with your home practice. I recommend setting up a place in your home that is dedicated to this. Make it clean, warm, cozy, clutter-free, and conducive to shutting out the outside world.

We plan to put our entire teacher training online, as well as other fun content, so stay tuned! Also, we would love to hear from you. Send us your yoga-in-place stories and photos! Give us feedback on the audio and video classes! As a community, we are strong, resilient, powerful, empowering, beautiful, supportive, and full of love. Let’s keep shining y’all. We’ve got this.

Peace and tons of love,

March 14, 2020:

A note and gift for you from O2 Yoga

I made a playlist for O2 Yoga students to be able to practice while the studio is closed! There are 9 classes, Basics and Intermediate, recorded by Elliott and me since January 1st. We are actively working on getting some classes videotaped very soon. In the meantime: Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.

Big giant love,

March 13, 2020:

Important update on temporary studio closure due to coronavirus/COVID-19

Hi, all.

Well, we have tried our best to stay open. I cannot thank our students and staff for being so kind and supportive. This is and will continue to be a community effort and we all need to continue to do what ever we can to provide love, support, and hope.

That said, after receiving new information from NIH today regarding the length of time the virus stays in the air and on surfaces, I believe that we must close. We will be closed until March 31st and will stay in touch about future plans.

Special thanks to our teachers and staff for giving so much. And thanks so much to our students who have sent nothing but support, gratitude and love our way.

I am actively working on getting some video classes up soon and will be posting a list of free MP3s as well.

Stay safe, sane and healthy, y’all.


March 12, 2020:

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are also evolving in order to continue to offer a place for people to work through stress, and stay healthy and calm. As of today, we will not be offering hands on adjustments and will be limiting class sizes to 25 in order to provide enough safe space around mats. We also are cancelling all prenatal and postnatal classes until further notice. If you carry your own hand sanitizer, please use it often and save ours for people who do not have any on hand (pun intended!) We would love to continue to offer our yoga classes, so let’s keep working together.

It you are unable or uncomfortable attending classes at the moment, we will be posting free MP3s in the next few days. We also have videos in the works, so stay tuned.

We know we are just one of many small, locally owned businesses affected by this crisis. Let’s all commit to doing what we can to help and support them.

This is from a very wonderful student: “Hi Mimi, thank you so much for this, and please let me know when any more plans are put in motion! I really really want to keep contributing to the continuation and financial health of this studio that has so improved my life!”

As always, keep being the compassionate, kind, humble, kick-ass yogi/yogini I know you are. Now go wash your hands.

Big love,

March 11, 2020:

In light of coronavirus/COVID-19 concerns, as of today and until further notice, we will no longer be offering loaner mats and will advise against using props. We simply cannot sterilize these sufficiently. All of our classes will be designed to be done prop-free. We’ve also shut off access to our filtered water as a virus precaution – so please bring your own water. That said, as always, we want to be a place that you can go to relieve stress, re-charge, and find a sense of peace and stability amidst the chaos.

Elliott and I are keeping on top of developments and announcements from CDC, state, and city government. This will continue to evolve, and so will we. Please remember that compassion, strength, clarity, stability, and love are powerful. Fear is debilitating, disruptive, and destructive. Let’s all do our best to stay in the light, be kind, and stay grounded. That said, if you are not comfortable coming into the studio, we will be offering free MP3s very soon.

Please see our earlier coronavirus message from March 9th here.

Big love and a sterilized but incredibly strong hug,
Mimi and Elliott

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