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The Agitating Molecule

Posted By on Jun 29, 2014 in O2 Yoga Blog |

I have three blogs. It is funny because I always lament the way that we as a culture seem to think that everything needs to be separated out. Take the fitness industry for instance, of which I was a part for many years and in many ways still am. We were always taught that you needed to do your cardio, then your stretching, then some strength building. This of course could take all day which is why so many people don’t do any of...

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Ode to Nutritional Yeast

Posted By on Jun 29, 2014 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog |

Okay, so to the uninitiated, nutritional yeast sounds and probably looks disgusting. If you haven’t seen it, it is yellowish, almost American cheese color, and is powdering and flaky. I will not make any analogies to the flakiness because, again, I can’t think of something that sounds appetizing or appealing.  However, as a card-carrying vegan, I must say that it is an absolute staple in my and many other kitchens. Why Eat...

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