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What Does Gratitude Feel Like? As I was driving down to the studio today, I was thinking about the feeling of gratitude. After all, it was Thanksgiving Day. That said, these holidays often feel so forced and contrived. Today, you should feel gratitude. What about tomorrow? I guess, however, that it got  me to think in a new way about a concept that comes up pretty regularly in my line of work.  I hadn’t really worked it out in...

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Reward or Punishment

Posted By on Nov 4, 2013 in O2 Yoga Blog |

The other day, while I was taking class with Elliott, a women came rushing into the room 20 minutes late.  Elliott politely stopped her at the door and explained, as briefly and quietly as possible,  that the class had already started and that there were other classes she could come to later that evening. This went back and forth a bit while he was also trying to lead the class. She finally left but I was distracted and concerned. I...

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