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Vegan Recipe Contest Winners

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Congrats to Holland Dieringer- 1st Prize- Vegan Gluten Free Lasagna Sandra Lannan- 2nd Prize- Gingerbread Lemon Mousse And tied for 3rd Prize: Kris Quinones- Chocolate Tarte and Meghan Anderson- Root Vegetable Tangine   I have a few things to say about each recipe and creator. Holland Dieringer is an amazing cook and was always coming up with delicious vegan gluten-free options during the teacher training. The Lasagna went so...

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Yin Yang Power Balls

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Intrigued? This is a recipe created by Hatice Baser. She took another recipe from Holland and tweaked it into this one which is just awesome! Ingredients: 1 cup tahini, stirred well 1 cup maple syrup or agave 3 T ground flaxseed + 3T water 1 cup toasted old-fashioned oats 1 cup ground walnuts 1 cup shredded coconut 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt Chopped dried fruit of any sort adds nice flavor *Toast oatmeal in oven or pan...

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Patience is a Virtue I Do Not Have

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Now before I go too far, I need to say that I love the city of Cambridge and can’t wait to join the community. That said, we have had quite an education going through this process. It has definitely been a lesson in patience; not a virtue of mine. We have run into many roadblocks, and have been given extraordinary timelines for permits and zoning changes. I now understand why you sometimes see an opening soon sign hanging for...

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While at a homeschool conference recently, I came across a book swap. I love books and dug through the piles even though I was flying home and had no room to carry anything else. The word Vegan caught my eye, of course. It was, Vegan-The New Ethics of Eating by Eric Marcus. I was happy to see it there but thought to myself, I hope some one picks this up and reads it. I, of course, didn’t need to read it. I mean, I was already...

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Buddhist Cultural Center

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Just rediscovered one of my favorite places to get lunch, the Buddhist Cultural Center, in Cambridge, right across the street from the new studio. Karen and I had lunch there the other day and it as so good. You get miso and the plate of the day which includes rice and four options. We had panfried broccoli, tofu, seitan, and bokchoy with garlic. Oh my goodness it was yummy. I think it was $7.50. Just remember that they only take...

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