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What I am reading

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I am always reading at least two books; one fiction and one non-fiction. This usually translates to one about a serious topic and one somewhat trashy mystery. On the serious side, I just picked up, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, by Melanie Joy, Ph.D. I had heard her interviewed recently and thought her book sounded interesting. I too am a student of psychology (certainly not a Ph.D.). I am fascinated by why people do what...

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This January marked the opening of a new O2 Yoga in Mexico City.  My good friend Stephany Weingerz completed  O2 Yoga Teacher Training with me back in 2008.  She then returned to her home town of Mexico City and started to dream.  Back then, we had talked about her opening an O2 but I wasn’t sure it would actually happen.  Well, after having a baby, Naomi, who is now a year old and with lots of help from family...

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The Lure of the Sirens

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Okay, so my husband and sons don’t look like sirens to you but to me, I am being lured back with their sweet song.  What is really happening?  Well, I am jealous of course!  They are still out west exploring and I want to go too.  On Saturday, I will be flying out to Phoenix, AZ to spend 8 days exploring the southwest with my boys and doggies.  I will also be checking out some yoga studios (read, professional development Mister...

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March 2011 Astanga Primary Series

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O2 Yoga has its roots in the astanga tradition. This tradition was interpreted and organized by Shri K Patabi Jois during the last century, although it is based on ancient texts in India. Every year, I teach a 200-hour teacher training that always begins with the astanga Primary Series. O2 Yoga is not an astanga studio, yet we respectfully use astanga for the base of what we do. The ujjayi breath, bandhas, and dristi all come directly...

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Coming Soon!

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  In the next few weeks I will be posting recipes for some of what my family and I have been cooking recently; tempeh-mango salad, tamales, sushi, and chocolate peanut butter pie to name a few. I will also be taking recipes with photos from others who would like to share. Lots more to come, so stay tuned!  

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