Where’s Wolfstar: The 10 Years of Gratitude Tour

Posted By Sarah on Dec 30, 2017 in Featured | 0 comments

February 2018 marks Cambridge manager Sarah “Wolfstar” Wolf’s 10th year as an O2 Student…and her 6th year as part of the team!  To celebrate, she’s going on a 28-day “Gratitude Tour,” rolling out her mat in every single one of our 26 regular teacher’s classes, which will still leave her two chances to do Astanga Primary & Second Series.  All you have to do is be taking the same class as her and you’ll earn a discount on 5 & 10-class cards.

Starting the evening of January 31st, check in with our social media to get a hint about which class she’ll be attending the next day.  That gives you as many as twenty-eight opportunities to earn a discount on yoga this February!

Click here for other details.

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