Where’s Wolfstar: The 10 Years of Gratitude Tour

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It’s true:  some people call me “Wolfstar.”  It’s a nickname I picked up in 2009 when a friends’ band nearly named itself as such until I pointed out that it would be like they were naming the band after me.  “Because my last name is Wolf and I am a star,” I quipped.  And while the band went in a different direction, moniker-wise, Wolfstar was too great not to make it into the lexicon of our tiny corner of the world, and so the name stuck to me like gum on the bottom of my shoe.

And while it started like that — with just this handful of people updating their phone contact for me to have this new name — it soon spread to other groups of friends until it became the most pervasive thing in my life.  Once my boss Mimi called me “Wolfstar” in a class, the full immersion of this nickname that actor Nick Offerman once called “solid” (true story) was complete.

I employ it now for much the same reason as it was used in the past: to distinguish me from the other Sarahs in my midst.  We now have three Sarahs teaching for us on Team O2 — Sarah Hoffman, Sarah Coombs, and Sarah Rose — but there’s still only one Wolfstar, so this is your challenge for February 2018:  can you find me?

Where's Wolfstar_

Here’s the deal:  February marks the 10th anniversary of when I started practicing at O2 Yoga.  It also marks the sixth year since I started working here.  So to celebrate these milestones, I decided to create a “10 Years of Gratitude Tour” and practice with each of our regular teachers this month.  Including our Karma teachers, we’ve got 26 incredible yogis and yoginis leading our classes — plus my personal goal to do one Primary Series and one Second Series class every month — and that’s 28 days of yoga for good ol’ Wolfstar!

By why should I be the one having all the fun??  I want to celebrate with our entire community by extending a 10% discount on 5 & 10 class cards for students attending the same class as me each day of February 2018.  That means that, theoretically, you’ll have up to 28 chances next month to save some money on your yoga investment — all you have to do is find me.

So how do you do that??  Well, you better start following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter right away!  Starting on January 31st, I will post where you can find me the next day — then all you have to do is show up for the same class as me and you will automatically qualify for a discount.  It’s as easy as that!

This will be so much fun, everyone — I can’t wait!  Stay tuned for other details as we inch ever closer to February…

With love,

Sarah Wolfstar, O2 Cambridge General Manager

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