We offer a few kinds of memberships:


Monthly Unlimited Autobill for $120

If you come to the studio three times a week or more, it is the most cost-effective for you to become a member on our autobill system. Autobill is $120 a month and is automatically charged to your credit card on the 28th of every month. These memberships can be put on hold for a month or more, but we do not partially charge you for your membership if you are going away on vacation or are unable to attend the studio for a brief period.

The day you sign up for autobill, you are charged $120. On the 28th of the month, we will pro-rate you for the previous month and then all following payments will be $120.  A manager will reach out to you with the member specifics after your autobill is set up in our system.

Should you need to cancel your membership or put it on hold at any time, please contact us at the studio at least a week prior to the first of the month. (info@o2yoga.com)

You sign up for this membership at the studio.


1-month Unlimited for $150 or 6-months unlimited for $600

If you would like to do one full month at a time, and not be billed automatically, the cost is $150 per month and expires 31 days from the date of purchase.  We also offer a 6-month membership that is $600 paid up front.

These memberships are available in the studio or online.  These memberships cannot be put on hold or extended for any reason unless approved by a manager.

Member Benefits

Members get benefits, too! You are able to take one guest to the studio per month, you receive a 15% discount on all retail items, and you can store your yoga mat in our mat closet at the studio (please be sure to write your name on your mat).  Most of the massage therapists in the Wellness Center in the Cambridge studio also offer discounts and specials for O2 members.


Mimi Dancer