O2 Yoga Studios

Each of the O2 Yoga studios is like each O2 Yoga teacher: similar in fundamental ways with enough personality to make each unique.

We strive at O2 Yoga to create a practice space that is beautiful, relaxing, warm, and inviting. We keep the studios “comfortably warm” (between 80 degrees). All the studios have natural flooring: bamboo, wood, and cork. Beautiful accents such as paintings, murals, and statues assist in creating focus and drishti. We also make every effort to make choices for the benefit of the environment such as recycled paper products, refillable water bottles, and filtered water dispensers. All in all, every visit to O2 should be a treat for body, mind, and spirit.

Any class cards and memberships can be used at either O2 Yoga Studio.

We strive to make practicing at O2 Yoga a great experience for all students. If these guidelines or anything taught in class doesn’t make sense to you, please ask.  Our teachers are all happy to chat before or after class or you can email us at info@o2yoga.com.