Happy 5th Birthday, O2 Yoga Cambridge

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“You all know that I have a passion for yoga. I love what I do and truly believe that I am part of a growing energetic movement to make people (including myself) calmer, more peaceful, happier, and healthier. My passion for yoga doesn’t stop when I step off my mat or out from the front of a class. Instead, yoga spills into everything in my life including what I eat and feed to family and friends, what I buy, and how I spend my time. For months now, I have been staying open to the possibility of finding a way to integrate many of the things I see as part of yoga into one physical space. Last month, I found a new location that I am very excited about.

In the next few months my husband, Steven, sons, Dylan & Deven, and I will be embarking on a new project. You see, this is a family affair. Everything that I do and that I do with O2 Yoga has the support and hard work of my family behind it. Steven has been the mastermind and artist behind every studio we have ever built. He is not only the love of my life but is an incredibly talented builder, carpenter, and designer. He is the yin to my yang so to speak and without him, O2 wouldn’t exist in the way it does today. This spring, we we be opening O2 Yoga Cambridge! This new studio will of course offer awesome O2 Yoga, but will also have a vegan cafe, a retail store, and massage!  We are thrilled (and terrified) but mostly thrilled.”

This was Mimi’s official announcement back in September 2011 that she and her family were planning to open a brand new studio space in Cambridge.  The days, weeks, and months that followed were full of hard work, dreams dared into existence, and the start of the next chapter for O2 Yoga.  Along with our Somerville Studio (open since 2001), we are so proud of the “yoga bubble” we’ve created both for and with you, our dedicated students, teachers, and staff.  Then along came VO2 Vegan Cafe in July 2013, and our little family continued to flourish.  O2 Yoga is a place of inspiration with business owners who are passionate about not just their business but their lives, their family, each other.  Mimi and her husband Steven (along with their sons Dylan and Deven) are true tone-setters, visionaries who are confident, capable, and beautiful humans.

And thanks to the Carpenter family and their bold dreams, five years ago today — November 2, 2012 — we opened the doors to O2 Yoga Cambridge.  So happy birthday to this place that’s proven to be a magical yoga community, a reliable bunker, a steady safe haven from no matter what is happening outside.

We look forward to many more wonderful years to come!

With love,

All of us at O2 Yoga

A Snapshot from Day #1:

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