FAQs About Online Class Registeration

Posted By Sarah on Jan 16, 2016 in News and Deals |

“Do I need to sign up online before coming to class?”

This is one of our “frequently asked questions,” so we thought we’d break it down for you.  The answer is a simple, “No, you don’t.”  You are always welcome to come to class without preregistering.  In fact, preregistering does not guarantee you a spot in class (you’ll still need to arrive on time) or do anything else fancy for you **except** perhaps save you that extra ten seconds at the desk where you explain that you are “Kerry-with-a-K” or “Smyth-with-a-Y.” Signing up online (either via MindBody or via our app) can offer you the opportunity to get a reminder about class and/or have the class added to your online calendar, but the important takeaway here is that signing up is NOT required for regular classes.

“I signed up online but now I can’t make it to class — what do I do?”

You can cancel your own reservations up to 30 minutes before the start of a class:

1. If you signed up via the app, all you need to do is go to the app and tap on the class — it will ask if you’d like to cancel.  Say yes.  That’s it!

2. If you signed up via MindBody, return to your online account and you will see the class in question will have the word “Registered!” by it.  Click on “Registered!” and it will bring you to all classes you’ve preregistered for.  You can opt to “cancel” your reservation by clicking on “cancel.”  Easy stuff.

If it’s past the 30 minute mark, you will not be able to cancel your own reservation, so the most efficient solution is to email info@o2yoga.com with information about which class you were not able to attend.

Please note:  it is important that you cancel any reservations if you cannot make it to class.  Our system WILL automatically deduct a class from a class card, even if you’re not checked off as being in attendance. We do not charge you for missing a class, so we want to make sure to remove you from a roster to prevent the system deducting one of your classes from your class card.

“I preregistered — doesn’t that guarantee me a spot in class?”

No, it does not.  We are a “first come, first serve” kind of studio and we ask all students to arrive on time (and by that, of course, we mean EARLY) so we can get everyone into class as efficiently as possible.  If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to join class if the room is full and/or if it’s too long after the start of class.  Please understand that this is to prevent disruption to the other students and the teacher as well as for your safety — missing the warm-up is no bueno, yogis.

“So what’s the advantage to signing up in advance for a class?

Preregistering can allow the option to receive a reminder about the class or add it to your online calendar.  It also can save you that extra 20 seconds at the desk where one of our fabulous desk staff asks you to spell your name — “That’s Kerry-with-a-K” or “Smyth-with-a-Y.”

What about workshops and special event classes — do I need to preregister for those?

Advanced registration is highly preferred for workshops and special events classes.  This allows the teacher to prepare for the class size.  In most cases, though, it is also fine for you to sign up day-of at the time of the workshop.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, each student participating in a workshop needs to enroll as an individual. Like class packages, all sales are final.  Some exceptions may qualify for a studio credit granted that 24 Hours Notice of reservation cancellation is provided to O2 Yoga. You will NOT be able to cancel your own workshop registration (please email info@o2yoga.com for assistance/more information).

“I tried to register online for a Karma class and it wouldn’t let me, even though I know I have classes on my account.  What’s the deal?”

At certain times during the year, you may notice “Karma” classes on the schedule.  These classes are by-donation so they are set up differently in our system.  In order to register online for a Karma class you must purchase a Karma drop-in first — and the local charity benefiting from your donation thanks you for doing so!  If you would rather use one of your existing classes/memberships, that also is allowed, but you will have to sign in when you arrive so the teacher can work some magic to apply your existing classes to a Karma class.  Ain’t no thang, since preregistering isn’t required anyway!

Still have more questions?  Please email info@o2yoga.com.