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Why a Vegan Challenge?

How do I benefit from getting people to take the vegan challenge??? I don't. So why the hell do it? Because I think that it makes someone's lot better. Am I hoping to change people's minds about what it means to be vegan? Damn right, at least in the sense that I really believe in

Spring Cleaning

In yogic philosophy there is a concept called avidya. In short it refers to mis-perception or lack or clarity. There are four basic categories of avidya, all leading to clouded thought. I like to imagine a foggy window. When you wipe away the accumulated moisture, you can see clearly through it. However, it

Somerville, I miss you!

This is a love note to O2 Yoga Somerville. Since beginning teacher training, I have been pretty much off the schedule in Somerville except for the Friday night intensives. My husband and I worked out a schedule for March and April where I am working Friday-Sunday (teacher training) and then he is down in Cambridge

When is it Enough?

Often, I wonder if I am doing enough. Am I working enough? Am I playing enough? Am I spending enough time with my family? Am I practicing enough? I don't lead a conventional life. Elliott made a joke the other day about the difference between "conventional" produce and "organic". I would definitely fall into the

John Friend, Lululemon, and Dahn Yoga, Oh My

www.huffingtonpost.com/stewart-j-lawrence/anusara-yoga-scandal_b_1272471.html Okay, here we go again. What does this scandal have to do with practicing yoga? Everything and nothing. What this really has to do with is abuse of power. I have always believed that my job as a teacher is to empower others with knowledge not to tell them how and what to feel.

Getting in the Groove-Update on Cambridge

Been back for 10 days and have hit the ground running. Or at least my mind has. Before we left for our trip, there were a lot of things up in the air with the new space in Cambridge. My husband, Steven, is the mastermind behind all the beautiful design work in each of our

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O2 Yoga in Paradise

We just finished up our eleventh trip to Maya Tulum. Many said it was the best retreat ever! Anne, Katherine, and I co-taught and we had a blast. The weather was amazing, food was fantastic, yoga was excellent, and the group of yogis and yoginis was truly wonderful. Here is a list of some of

Yoga is ______________, Yoga is not _____________.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard, or read, what yoga is and what is not from obviously biased sources. You probably have seen the latest article on Yoga that was written in the NY Times recently. Karen and Julie both sent me this link. I have a feeling that at least

Back to Beautiful Mexico

This time last year, my family and I were waiting anxiously at the border to cross into Mexico. It was intense but so worth it. I am heading back down to Mexico to run our annual retreat but also to connect with many friends that we made on our trip last year. I can tell

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Yoga In Action-Mexico

friends from Mexico As many of you know, I believe that yogic philosophy can reach far beyond the mat. In fact, my practice on the mat is really just a small percentage of what I consider to be my path. As a yoga teacher but also as a human being, I feel that