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Life is Yoga: October 2009

Over the course of my life, I have been involved with many causes dear to my heart. I am a yoga teacher, peace activist, vegan, home-schooling mom of two, animal lover, and wife to an amazing man, among other things! Balancing all of these things is possible only if I maintain a sense of joy

September 2009 Ardha Chandrasana: Half-moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana is one of my favorite poses. It involves externally rotating the standing hip while keeping the elevated hip in neutral. It is also a standing balance which I consider a “leg behind balance.” What this means is the torso stays in line with the elevated leg. Other poses in this category include revolved

Life is Yoga: September 2009

Balance What does it mean to be in balance? Does it mean being perfect? I don’t think so. To be in balance means to be in neutral. No energy is needed to push forward or slow down. Balance is that point between the extremes. I wonder whether too many of us keep striving when we

Life is Yoga: July/August 2009

Recently, I was reading an article about small business owners who started companies based on their principles rather than simply to make money. Are these two things mutually exclusive? I say enthusiastically no! What does it mean to run your company based on your values? More importantly, what does it mean to live your life

Life is Yoga: June 2009

With the passing of K. Pattabhi Jois, I feel a sense of loss, but more a sense of vastness and respect. Thinking about how this man effected my life and the life of millions of others is mind-blowing. The practice of astanga yoga and all the forms of yoga that have been influenced by it

June 2009 Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

Ah, the quintessential yoga pose. This posture is also the bane of many a yogi’s knees! This month we will focus on the special attention and preparation this posture requires. Padmasana is about tightly binding the lower body to create a sort of prana lock. If you cannot get into the posture fully you can

May 2009 Astanga Second Series

Second Series of Astanga Yoga is called nadi shodana or nerve cleansing. Primary Series is called yoga chikitsa or “yoga therapy.” Nadi shodana is more about stimulating the nervous system, but also about evening and balancing all of the energetic centers along the spine. In Second Series we begin to explore much more back bending,

April 2009 Props

This month we will explore all the many ways to use blocks and straps, towels and the wall. Props can be used to modify for injury or tightness, deepening postures, support, and also to create stability and balance in a pose. We will be using props to make our classes interesting, challenging and accessible. Props

Life is Yoga: April 2009

Food for Yogic Thought Food is not just fuel. What you put into your body affects how you feel, your overall health, energy, and longevity. The yogic diet has a wholistic approach. Rather than separating components of food by calories and nutrients, the yogic perspective is of the diet as a whole. In general, you

March 2009 Astanga Primary Series

The pose, or, more accurately, the focus, of the month is the Primary Series of Astanga yoga. There are four series in Astanga yoga, Primary, Secondary, Advanced A, and Advanced B. The Primary Series is called yoga chikitsa, or “yoga therapy.” It is designed to be the entry level and accessible for all. It is