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Why Dream?

Posted By on Dec 14, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog | 2 comments

I have had an incredibly stressful few weeks. We moved out of the South End on Saturday which was of course bittersweet. I was hoping for closure but what I got instead was incredible unsteadiness and confusion. Basically, the woman who is supposed to be taking over the lease has led me on a journey that can only be called, if I am being polite, a roller coaster ride which doesn’t seem to have an end. I am also, of course...

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Who is Lululemon???

Posted By on Nov 19, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog | 6 comments

I find myself, up at 1am, unable to sleep, and distracted by my lack of doing more of something I am unsure of. I am worried about subletting the new studio. I am worried about whether I have inadvertently pissed off some home school mom.  I am worried about feeling tired and cold and look warily on the coming winter. I am feeling like a failure that I haven’t been writing on the blog, or should I say, blogs. The one I started...

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Building A Barn

Posted By on Oct 26, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog |

We live in a barn. First, my husband built the boat-shed and then the living quarters around it. Our antique wooden sailboat is literally and figuratively the heart of the house. Her name is Cicada and Steven, my husband, grew up on this boat. His family traveled all over the world on this boat. So when it was time to pass her down the family we didn’t hesitate. When my family takes on a project, we take it on, and it is a...

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Energy Lines

Posted By on Oct 12, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog |

As I was working on my latest intensive, it struck me for the millionth time how difficult it is to put theory into practice. I mean, there is the idea of energy lines that I have been obsessed with for years. Extending energy in a pose; looking for the lines of energy when adjusting and cuing the pose. What does it mean to extend energy? Wasting Energy Well, it occurred to me as I was thinking about the energy lines in parigasana...

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Talking Trash

Posted By on Oct 12, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog | 2 comments

I recently made a commitment to try to stop worrying. I know that sounds strange but it actually worked for a while, and continues to when I remind myself. What I really said to myself was, “just try to stop worrying and see what happens. ” Now, I come from a long line of worriers, it is in my blood. Just like I thought that it was normal for checkbooks to be in the negative, I thought, that I just had to worry. I mean, it...

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You all know that I have a passion for yoga. I love what I do and truly believe that I am part of a growing energetic movement to make people (including myself) calmer, more peaceful, happier, and healthier. My passion for yoga doesn’t stop when I step off my mat or out from the front of a class. Instead, yoga spills into everything in my life including what I eat and feed to family and friends, what I buy, and how I spend my...

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