What the heck does blogging have to do with it?

So, my good friend Kelly, put this blog together for me from an old one that my friend Ian made for me. Confused? Well, originally I had all these things I wanted to say and show about animals, and food and community but didn't feel confident enough to actually have my own blog. So, Ian

November 2010 Hanumanasana (Splits)

Hanumanasana, or split pose, is one of the most difficult postures both to access and to teach properly. There are a million "cheats," but doing it with alignment in mind will help you in everything you do in yoga. Anatomically, hanumanasana hip flexion in the front and hip extension on the back leg. Believe it

Life is Yoga: November 2010: Gratitude

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of gratitude. I think that many of us believe that the state of gratitude involves feeling happy all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe it is possible to practice gratitude while still slipping into frustration, sadness, and overstimulation. Gratitude is really

October 2010 Backbends

Backbends are in many ways the opposite of much of what we do all day. In yoga there is the concept of balance of opposites. Sukha/Stira (hard/soft), ying/yang, warming/cooling, strength/flexibility. We are constantly being pulled on by gravity, so most of the time we are getting pulled forward and down. Backbending is the opposite of

September 2010 Handstand (Adho mukha vrkasana)

This posture represents many of the aspects of yoga that I cherish, as well as the aspects that challenge me. Handstands are playful, scary, teetery (is that a word?), unpredictable, elating, challenging, strengthening, and perspective-changing. We have all heard the phrase, “stand on your own two feet.” What about, “Stand on your own two hands”?

Life is Yoga: September 2010: The Unofficial Learning Month

Do we ever stop learning new things? Or maybe the question should be: should we stop learning? September seems to be the unofficial learning month. Most of us went back to school in September when we were kids and young adults. As some of you know, my kids are home-schooled, but it still feels like

August 2010 Stillness

In yoga you often hear the word stillness associated with the practice. “Moving into stillness,” “find the stillness in the pose.” What does that mean exactly? Being still allows for more awareness of what is happening right in that very moment. It is a way of being present. Think about what many animals do when

July 2010 Intention

Many times, at the beginning of a practice, the teacher will say, “set an intention for today’s practice.” Setting an intention really means focusing on one thing, especially something important. It’s a way of harnessing energy and putting things in perspective. Many believe that yoga practice not only shifts an individual’s energy, but may shift

Life is Yoga: July 2010: Finding Center

I have just completed another teacher training program. It is truly a humbling and gratifying experience to watch people transform into teachers seemingly before my eyes. Participating in teacher training is like one long yoga practice. There is stumbling, loss of breath, then steadiness returns. There are moments of such intensity that the will is

Yoga In Depth – Inspiration

When was the last time you were inspired? How many people do you know that inspire you on a regular basis? What is inspiration anyway? These are questions I ask myself regularly. Why? Because in my mind, inspiration is what makes us better. Here are some definitions of inspiration: the drawing of air into the