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I love this pose! It is the antidote to the sitting, slouching, and driving we do all day long. It is also, in many ways, a counter pose for last month’s focus. Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana combines external rotation of one hip, hip extension of the other, full shoulder flexion, spinal extension, and knee and elbow flexion. The front leg is bent at an angle to work as a kickstand for the hips and spine. We usually think of this front as...

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Life is Yoga: April 2010

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Spring is a good time to be thinking about clearing out old stuff. This can be literal like your closet, or more figurative like the baggage you carry around in your body and mind. In yogic philosophy, there is a concept called avidya. Avidya loosely translates as “incorrect perception” or “misunderstanding.” One result of avidya is samskara, which means the habituation of actions that no longer prove accurate (another way of saying:...

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Okay. So, I have been seeing recipes for this stuff called Cashew Cream in various vegan cookbooks but most recently and most prevently in the Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen. Finally, I made some. First: Take 2 cups of raw cashews and soak them overnight in the fridge in water (water covering them completely). Then drain and rinse. Pour them into a blender and fill an inch over the top with cold water. Process until really smooth. About...

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Wildlife Conservation Report Card

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We just received this interesting bit of information from the Defenders of Wildlife, and thought the Vegan community would benefit from it. The Conservation Report Card measures the commitment of U.S. Senators and Representatives to wildlife and habitat conservation during each Congressional session. It reviews both House and Senate votes on key conservation issues, providing a clear assessment of how well members of Congress are...

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March 2010 Primary Series

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Every year, I come back to the roots of O2 Yoga, back to the Astanga system. Every year, I teach O2 Yoga teacher training from February through June in sections of weeks and weekends. The first week is the primary series of Astanga Yoga. This to me is the foundation of what we do at O2. At the root of O2 Yoga are the Bandhas, the breath, the vinyasa, and the drishti. At the root of O2 Yoga is the eight (asto) limb (anga) path set down...

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