Advanced O2 Yoga Teaching Principles Spring Workshop Series

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Join Mimi at the Cambridge Studio for these four fantastic weekends intended to push your teaching to a whole new level!  Using O2 Yoga’s foundation of Astanga Yoga, each of these three-day workshops will use pieces of Primary Series and Second Series as a launching pad for discussion about applied anatomy, adjusting, and sequencing.  These workshops are geared towards certified yoga teachers, but advanced practioners are also able to participate with Mimi’s approval.

Register on a drop-in basis or sign up for the entire series. Space is limited each weekend to 20 participants. Please email with any questions and/or to sign up!


2017 Dates: 3/24-3/26, 4/21-4/23, 5/19-5/21, and 6/23-6/25

Times: Fridays 5-9pm / Saturdays 9-7pm / Sundays 9-6pm

Pricing Per Weekend: $325 Certified Teachers / $295 O2 Certified Teachers / $250 Current O2 Yoga Teachers

Pricing for Full Course: $1150 / $1050 / $950

CANCELED – Weekend #1: Understanding the Adjustments & Applied Anatomy of the Astanga Primary Series

Friday, March 24-Sunday, March 26

An Introduction to O2 Yoga’s unique form of adjustments, applied anatomy and teaching, modifying and adjusting the Sun Salutations, standing sequence, and closing postures of Astanga Yoga.

  • Dig into exactly how, why, and when we adjust postures.
  • Delve into applied anatomy and get a better understanding of what is happening to the body while entering, holding, and exiting postures.
  • Learn to adjust safely for your own body and that of the student.
  • Discuss and practice how to apply anatomy to the adjustments, modifications and progressions of each asana.
  • Examine  at the role of breath, bandhas and drishti in teaching, adjusting, and practicing each posture.


CANCELED – Weekend #2: Applying O2 Yoga Principles to the Primary Series of Astanga Yoga

Friday, April 21-Sunday April 23

  • Discuss the anatomy of the spine as it applies to spinal flexion.
  • Learn how to keep the knee and hamstring safe in Primary Series.
  • Look in-depth at the anatomy of forward bending.
  • Answer the question, “What is Yoga Chikitsa?” and how it applies to teaching the Primary Series postures.
  • Understand the Primary Series postures, how and why they are sequenced, the energetics of each section, and adjusting and modifying each posture progressively and appropriately.


Weekend #3:  Applying O2 Yoga Principles to the Second Series of Astanga Yoga

Friday, May 19-Sunday, May 21

  • Further discuss spinal anatomy as applied to spinal extension, core strength and stability and what it means to “back bend.”
  • Answer the question, “What is Nadi Shodana?” and how it applies to teaching Second Series postures.
  • Understand the Second Series postures, how and why they are sequenced, the energetics of each section, and adjusting, teaching, and modifying each posture progressively and appropriately.


Weekend #4: Advanced O2 Yoga Sequencing

Friday, June 23-Sunday, June 25

Playful Sequencing informed by O2’s unique style and blending of Primary and Second Series postures.

  • Learn O2’s unique method of sequencing.
  • Learn how to teach postures progressively in order to allow students to enter postures safely.
  • Apply anatomy and adjustment techniques learned in previous weekends to put together fun, creative, strength-building, and empowering practices.


Click here for more information.  Email to register for one, two, three, or all four of these workshop weekends!