$31 for 31 — Our Annual January 1st Special

Posted By Sarah on Dec 28, 2016 in News and Deals |

This January 1st, we will once again be offering our best deal of the year:  $31 for 31 Days!  This special January membership is available in studio only on January 1st only.  To purchase yours, you must come to the studio in person — this deal will not be available online or over the phone.  Both studios will be open all day (see specifics below) — you do not need to attend class to qualify.

In addition to getting a one-month membership at this steeply discounted rate (a regular 1-Month Unlimited is $150!!), you will also earn a discount off your February membership for every day you practice in January.  Each time you roll out your mat in January will earn you a 1% discount on your monthly unlimited for the next month!  ((Example:  If you practice 10 times in January, you will get 10% off your February membership))  Start your 2017 off right with plenty of time doing yoga with us!

PLEASE NOTE: January is exceptionally busy at the studios — please do your best to arrive early for class to make sure you can get a spot.  We will fit as many folks in as we can.  Late arrival may mean you cannot attend class — we apologize for any inconvenience!


Fine print:

  • $31 for 31 Memberships activates January 1st and expires January 31st — there are no extensions on this deal/this deal cannot be put on hold for any reason.
  • This deal is good for a maximum of 31 classes.
  • You do not qualify for our regular “member perks” with this deal (unless you already are an autobill member)
  • If you have a membership or class package already in progress, it will be put on hold for the duration of the $31 for 31 and will resume on February 1st
  • You can use your $31 for 31 Membership to attend Karma classes — you will not be able to sign up online for Karma classes, though (it is never required to sign up online for any of our classes)
  • If you are an autobill member and you want to purchase the $31 for 31 Days deal, you will be able to do so by coming to the studio on January 1st & Sarah or Elliott will update your FEBRUARY autobill to $31.  Your % discount will then be applied to your March membership.
  • $31 for 31 Days cannot be applied to pre/postnatal classes or workshops.



The desk will be staffed all day, based on the class schedule, including times between classes.  Please be mindful of noise if you come while a class is in progress since we don’t want to be disruptive to the students on their mats.  The class schedule that day will be:

7:30am Karma with Vivian (60 minutes)

9am Basics with Carly (75 minutes)

10:30am Intermediate with Carol (75 minutes)

5pm Power with Kristen (90 minutes)

7pm Prenatal with Barrett (90 minutes) — please note: Prenatal (and Mommy & Baby Classes) are not included in the $31 for 31 Membership


The desk will be staffed all day, based on the class schedule (including times in between classes):

9:30am Basics with Erika (75 minutes)

11am Intermediate with Paulina (75 minutes)

4pm Rajas with Kate (60 minutes)

5:30pm Karma with Vivian (60 Minutes)