The 31 Day Yoga Challenge

Posted By Sarah on Dec 16, 2017 in News and Deals | 0 comments

Were you one of the lucky ones who made it in to purchase our $31 for 31 Days of Yoga deal on January 1st?    Did you know… for every day you practice, you will earn that percentage off your February membership (ex: If you practice 10 days in January, you earn 10% off your membership in February)?   Pretty sweet, eh?

31 Days of Yoga 2018

The Fine Print:
* Offer only available in the studios on January 1st.
* Offer will NOT be available online or over the phone.
* You do not need to practice January 1st to buy this deal, but you might as well, right?? 
* This class package allows students to practice up to 31 times between January 1 and January 31.  There are no extensions on this deal.
* Offer does not include pre/postnatal classes or workshops.

* All sales are final.

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