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A Note on Karma and Maple Farm

my son Dylan, at 10, with his friend at Maple Farm Sanctuary Next spring we will begin another round of what we call Karma classes at both studios. The concept behind these classes came out of a desire to help new teachers get experience they need, give some support to a local charity,


January's focus was pranayama. Loosely translated, prana means life force and yama means control. In the yogic tradition, pranayama refers to different methods of controlling breath which is a representation of one's life force or energy. Rather than thinking about controlling breath and energy, I like to think more about being efficient. Now in our


A Note on Om How I started teaching Let me just say that I love to OM. This was not always the case; in fact I never closed yoga practice with an OM as a new teacher. When I first started teaching, I honestly didn’t know a lot about the tradition of the practice. I