Posts made in May, 2010

It seems appropriate to focus on Second Series as we near the longest day of the year. The Primary Series is in many ways the entryway into the asana practice of the astanga yoga system. The Primary Series builds strength and flexibility and better connection of breath and locks, foundations essential for the asanas of Second Series. Second Series contains postures that really require a much more focused and established practice. Nadi...

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Life is Yoga: May 2010: Language

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I have been thinking a lot about language lately. During teacher training, we talk not just about cuing asana but about the way that we communicate with the world in general. In my mind, intention comes first and the words come second. The eight-limb path of Patanjali gives eight precepts or ethical guidelines for living consciously. The first limb is the Yamas, five ways to interact with others or, more specifically, with the world...

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