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Mimi’s White Lasagna (and cashew cream)

Okay. So, I have been seeing recipes for this stuff called Cashew Cream in various vegan cookbooks but most recently and most prevently in the Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen. Finally, I made some. First: Take 2 cups of raw cashews and soak them overnight in the fridge in water (water covering them completely). Then

Wildlife Conservation Report Card

We just received this interesting bit of information from the Defenders of Wildlife, and thought the Vegan community would benefit from it. The Conservation Report Card measures the commitment of U.S. Senators and Representatives to wildlife and habitat conservation during each Congressional session. It reviews both House and Senate votes on key conservation issues, providing

March 2010 Primary Series

Every year, I come back to the roots of O2 Yoga, back to the Astanga system. Every year, I teach O2 Yoga teacher training from February through June in sections of weeks and weekends. The first week is the primary series of Astanga Yoga. This to me is the foundation of what we do at

Life is Yoga: March 2010: Do More Good than Harm

I am reading a wonderful book by Zoe Weil called Most Good Least Harm. The premise is obvious but the content is not. What I have taken away from it so far is that there are so many ways to do good in this world. We all have a composite image of a "do gooder" in