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The Pulse Cafe

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I am over the moon about the new vegan restaurant that just opened in Davis Square, Somerville, Ma, called The Pulse. I had dinner there last night and just loved it. This is vegan comfort food, not just a bunch of steamed veggies, and everything including the desserts is vegan. We started with the mushroom calamari and it was killer. It was served with this super yummy lemony, creamy dip. It was so wonderful to look at a menu and...

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Hanumanasana incorporates hip extension and hip flexion while maintaining a neutral spine. In other words, the 3 biggest challenges for most yogis/yoginis all wrapped up into one posture: multi-tasking and multi-challenging! This asana is named after the monkey god, Hanuman, who leapt across the ocean in one jump spanning from one foot to another in a split to save Sita, Rama’s wife. Visualize the combination of grace, agility,...

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