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A Note About Seitan and Silk

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The other day, I was at the health food store talking to my friend Scott,the owner. I asked him why he doesn’t carry Silk soy milk anymore. He said, Silk has gone from using non-gmo organic soybeans (US grown), to non-gmo soybeans(US grown), to now conventionally grown soybeans from China. The worst part is that there is no mention of the change on the packaging but you can see by the ingredients. Anyway. I love Silk soymilk but...

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Pincha Mayurasana, or Forearm Stand, is one of my favorite poses. Pincha Myurasasa translates to “peacock feather.” Think of your feet lightly reaching for the sky in a multicolor display of energy! Okay, I am reaching, but you can get the image! This posture is one of the more difficult inversions, but is less injury-prone than headstand or shoulderstand. Yet it requires more shoulder flexibility than handstand. In Forearm Stand, the...

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Life is Yoga: November 2009

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Change comes whether you want it or not. Beryl Bender Birch often says, “Celebrate impermanence!” I am still working on that concept, but I do know that much of my life I have spent preparing for things that never happened. Instead, something completely different happened. I am now, finally, and only sometimes, understanding what it means to really be present. Preparing for Heather leaving O2 Somerville and South End is impossible! I...

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