Posts made in September, 2008

This posture is an inversion and has the same benefits as all inversions: reversing blood flow, reversing pressure on the bones and organs, bringing extra blood flow to the brain, and, of course, seeing the world upside-down. Being upside-down is disorienting but also very cool. It changes your perspective while also bringing stimulation to the higher chakras particularly anahata chakra (heart), which deals with love, compassion,...

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Life is Yoga: September 2008

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Yoga Is Not Just Self-Help I can’t tell you how excited and frightened I am by the imminent change in our government. I personally plan on continuing to volunteer to help the person I believe should be our next president get into office. I also plan on continually pushing for each and every one of us to be proactive in creating the world that we seek. What I want to ask you is: What kinds of change is the O2 Yoga community capable of?...

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