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August 2008 Parighasana (Gate Pose)

This posture is all about lengthening both sides of the body evenly, so rather than a lateral bend (from the waist), it is hip flexion. I love this posture because so many of us do things during the day that compress the space between the ribs and the hips (slouching!). This posture is the antidote

August 2008: Pose of the month is on vacation

This month we will be focusing on a major component of the vinyasa practice and the practice of yoga on the whole, pranayama or breath control. Specifically we will focus on the breathing technique that we use in every asana class, ujjayi breath. Ujjayi breath is a method of being conscious, being in your body,

Life is Yoga: August 2008

I was at a political event recently in support Barack Obama. I try to volunteer my time as much as I can. I was talking to a person who was involved in coordinating volunteers. He asked me to canvass. You know, go door to door. I said, "You know it is funny. I am so