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May 2008 Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Danurasana will be a welcome contrast to the previous 2 poses of the month, which required folding at the hips and closing in the front of the body. Bow Pose is all about opening up the front of the body, especially the shoulders, core, and hips. This posture is perfect for spring as we all

Life is Yoga: May 2008: Why Vegan?

I became vegan almost 1 year ago. My motivation? I was feeling depressed and overwhelmed with the threat of global warming, as well as feeling inconsistent with my beliefs about compassion and animals. You see, I have been vegetarian for almost 30 years. I became a vegetarian mainly because I believed that the inhumane treatment

Life is Yoga: may 2008

It has become increasingly apparent to me that many people are being bombarded with messages of fear. I believe that joy and fear are opposites. Fear is what stops many of us from making choices that we know in our heart are right. The idea that someone else knows better than you is the exact