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Padmasana is one of those poses that students find frustrating. It requires a certain type of hip flexibility that is different than that for shin-to-shin or pigeon pose. The most important thing is that the knee joint is not bent sideways in the process of moving into the pose. This asana, if done wrong, is a great way to injure your knees. Over the course of this month, you will see many ways of working towards and sometimes...

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Life is Yoga: March 2008

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Padmasana represents springtime to me. At the end of the Astanga closing sequence, you see three versions of this pose to finish and seal the practice: Badha Padmasana (Bound Lotus), Padmasana (Lotus), and Ut Plutihi (Lotus Flying Up). The first one represents the compact and intense energy of a bulb of a flower. In padmasana, the plant begins to break the surface of the ground or, in the case of lotus, the water. Then the plant in...

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